Warrior Custom Handcrafted guitar building process

Warrior's Custom Guitar Building Process - Hand Crafted Guitars

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Each Warrior Guitar is handcrafted to be as unique as your fingerprint
"Private reserve" hand selected woods to give your dream a voice
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Warrior Design Family

Warrior Neck: "The muscle of the guitar"

  • Wood is chosen for grain orientation, color, and strength.
  • Dimensioned, planed, and joined for resonation.

Warrior Body: "The Voice of the guitar"

  • Wood is chosen based on tone, resonance, and sustain.
  • Top is quarter-sawn to produce mirrored, "book matched" pieces.
  • Body wings are sized to approximate size and shape of the body, and sub-assembled using a 1700 psi vacuum press.

The Feel of the Neck

  • Final straightening.
  • Truss rod route, and profiled.
  • Carved.

Body Wings to Neck: "Taking flight"

  • Body wings are sized, straightened, and joined.
  • Neck is final tapered.

Body Design Sculpting

  • Contour and sculpting.
  • Electronic cavities carved.

Guitar Soundboard

  • Seasoned wood choice.
  • Profiled to the final thickness.
  • Custom radius.

Artist Inlay

  • Master crafted and designed with heart and vision.
  • Materials chosen to complement the design and tone of the guitar.

Vintage Technique for Resonance of Fretboard/Neck

  • Fretboard fret-slot.
  • Dual action truss rod.
  • Fretboard is joined to neck with temperature gauged.

Fretting the guitar

  • Precision cut.
  • Hand hammered.
  • 24 hour cure time.

The Headstock

  • Custom card.
  • Inlayed.
  • Tuner holes and shape.

Final Shaping and Sanding

  • Sculpting.
  • Final sand.
  • Super shielded.

Dran Michael Finishes


  • Electronics.
  • Fret dress and nut.
  • Hardware.
  • Artist setup.
custom build guitar

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